The versatility of being fast and loose, and peaceful, with your feathers

loose feathers

They say that birds of a feather like to flock together. So true if you are always in the party mood. You are the first one to stick your paw up and say; amen to that, let’s have another party.

And this time, let’s have a fancy dress ball. There’s a difference between ball and party. Having a ball does mean that you’re all having a great time.

But to host a ball or gala event can be a rather posh affair. Make it more interesting by being daring and risqué when composing your party invitations. Do encourage the folks to dress appropriately to the nines.

But also remind them that this is a time to be titillated or tempted. Make it a rule of thumb for your guests to interweave loose feathers to their costumery. Yes, that’s right; they can be fast and loose at the same time. But do warn the others. Perhaps they are not so used to flocking together. Perhaps they prefer being lonely birds.

Well, you can’t force folks to do things they don’t want to do.

But if you are a lonely bird yourself, you are not what the others would love to call a party pooper.

It’s just that you prefer a little peace and quiet in your home environment. You do have guests over occasionally, on rare occasions, it must be said, but you are more than happy to be in your own company.

So, if you are feeling a little daring one night, you could just as well dash around your hearth with nothing more than a few loose feathers draped around you. Or you may prefer to use your feathers as part of the bohemian décor theme you have in mind.